How Norton Antivirus Support evades your Kids’ Digital Information from being vulnerable to Identity Theft!

NowNowadays, Internet-connected devices are not just vital but necessary too. They play an important role even in our kids’ lives. In order to be conversant and walk along today’s competitive world, teens are permitted to use these gadgets. But we should not forget the demerits these machines bring in addition to the merits. Susceptibilities of identity thefts are connected to kids more than any other user. In this blog, we will get qualitative information about ‘what makes our children vulnerable to identity thefts’. With it, the content also incorporates some safety tips by Norton Technical Support experts. The measures will aid parents to keep their loved ones secure.

 Tips to Remove Factors that make Your Kids’ Identity Vulnerable to Cyber-Attacks

 1. Outdated Operating Systems and/or Other Applications

 Although updating the device’s OS or the applications every time whenever the new version gets accessible is a little bit annoying but from the security perspective, it is vital. The practice of keeping all programs of the gadget up-to-date will ensure its safety in contradiction of almost every cyber threat (even the newest one). Hence, execute periodic checking of your teens’ devices for the outdated apps and whenever any detected, get the same updated as soon as possible.     

 2. Unsecured or Open Wi-Fi Networks & Website Scams

 Usually, open or public Wi-Fi networks are unsecured and allow cybercriminals to effortlessly monitor the users’ activities on these free networks. Another common tactic that the intruders look in order to execute identity theft is introducing fake sites or breaching safe websites to access passwords. So, prevent the cybercriminals from being benefitted due to the vulnerabilities in insecure networks or devices. Teach your kids to avoid being lured by the free connections. Moreover, tell them not to share any confidential or personal information while accessing such networks.  

3. Outdated Antivirus or Internet Security Software

 Antivirus or other security software is a program designed to technically protect the devices even from the hidden threats. An outdated protection suite usually fails in accomplishing its duty as expected, thus, allowing threats to enter into the owner’s device. So, be vigilant and update the security software to its new version whenever available. Using up-to-date antivirus will prevent the entry of threats into your kids’ gadgets.

 4. Viruses, Malware, And Other Tracking Software

Being on your kids’ devices, these malicious programs can easily steal and transmit their information to the cybercriminals. Therefore, if you or your teen sense anything suspicious like gadget’s slow speed, sluggish response, or automatic deletion of files, be attentive and contact Norton Antivirus Support experts. The professionals will aid in detecting and eradicating the threats from your kid’s PC as soon as possible.

 5. Online Chat, Social Media, And Gaming

Online chatting on social media sites or any other gaming sites is common strategy that attackers deploy in order to follow the kids. Hence, be a little bit strict and ask your teens not to be friends with strangers. Moreover, tell them that there is no need to share unnecessary info like current location, passwords, IDs, real names, date of birth, etc.  

 Besides it, make your children habitual of using their smartphones, PCs, laptops, and tablets for limited hours.

 Conclusion: The aforementioned guide is quite significant for the sake of your kids’ digital security. However, in case you want to get additional precautionary measures and/or guidelines, contacting Norton Customer Support mavens will prove to be a better option.

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