How to Aid Kids in Staying Safe from Cyber-Scary Threats?

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Children who surf the internet are the most convenient source that the cybercriminals intended to target for hatching illegal benefits. Undoubtedly, the online world facilitates our kids for a number of marvelous advantages like help in creating their projects, learning anything, etc. But this specific platform is inhabited by individuals who aren’t like how they appear. Such wolves with sheep’s clothing can lead to something serious and threatening. The most striking victim of these fake creatures are teens as they are easy to lure with attractive but harmful candies. So, with help of this guide by our Kaspersky Technical Support professionals, let’s put light on a few ways which aid the kids in staying safe online.               

 Tips to Aid the Kids in Being Safe from Security Horrors & Rogue Online Threats

1. Be A Good Captain: Kids often love to reach gaming and social media sites where registration is needed. Here, as a parent or guardian, you ought to aid your teen in setting up his/her accounts with unique and strong passwords. Moreover, teach him/her to be cautious about where and what credentials they should input. Apart from passwords, ask the children to pair it with an additional authentication factor.   

 2. Turning the Lights ‘ON’: Education is the most vital tool that you can use for the safety of your kids. So, take out some free time and teach your children about phishing attacks and malicious messages. Do the kids complain that the task of getting information related to cyber threats and security in this way is boring them out? A few good examples of phishing attacks can assist you in developing their interest. Don’t forget to make them aware of privacy settings and security implications in their mobiles, PCs, and/or any other type of device. When it comes to download any application, ask teens to prefer only the official websites.  

 3. ‘Free’, Don’t Be Lured: Not just the kids but almost all get attracted towards the word ‘free’. However, every freebie is not worthy to be trusted. Some of the adverts flashing free games, apps, ringtones, and others may include hidden malware. Clicking malicious links, opening malevolent attachments, and hitting suspicious adverts are the most common ways by which kids can compromise their PCs and laptops with damaging software.

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4. Be Advantageous with Technological Tools: Advancing technology is proffering a number of effective tools, use them as they are very beneficial. For instance – a reputable antivirus that features multiple layers of protection along with frequent updates can add more robustness to the security shield around your kids’ gadgets. Hence, get all your devices installed with powerful, compatible, and up-to-date security software so that your entire family could remain protected from snares on the internet. For steps on ‘how can you install the antivirus without any error or mistake’, contact Kaspersky Antivirus Support engineers.    

 Use & Abuse: When it comes to our kids’ lives on social media, it is better to teach them on ‘how to use these platforms for obtaining the best outcomes’. Ask your teens to:

  Apply strict security settings and privacy policies

  • Stay prudent about sharing personal details
  • Don’t be friendly with strangers
  • Remember that everything they do over the internet leaves digital footprints.

     All these statistics will aid in good social interaction and profitable cybersecurity against malicious threats as well as malevolent actors.

 Conclusion: Implementation of these tips will offer beneficial outcomes when it comes to the 100% protection of your kids. If come across any query while implementing these excellent measures that keep your children safe from cyber-scary threats, contact Kaspersky Customer Support mavens.     

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