‘How to Evade Ransomware Infections’, With ESET’s Newly Released Tool’

Guys! You’ll be happy to know that with the newly released decryption tool by ESET experts, it is easy to evade the ransomware infections. Created to help 979 Syrian victims, the tool has the ability to decrypt the files affected with any malware version (1.0 – 5.0). Users are allowed to download it easily from the official website. For further guidelines, please go through the informative blog  by our ESET Technical Support professionals.

This is not for the first time that the malware creators have launched keys for rapidly spreading ransomware. Developing cybersecurity and decryption tool, is a common practice by many IT companies who have been doing it since last many years. Well! The tactic that includes usage of these kinds of tools is worthy to implement if we fall victim to a ransomware attack. But, as per the well-known quote “Prevention is better than cure”, precautionary measures are essential to keep ourselves (as the users) safe from such nastiest threats.

“Formerly, the branded antivirus and internet security software developer – ESET has provided such tools for numerous variants of AESNI ransomware, Crysis, and TeslaCrypt”

 Effective Tips to Evade Ransomware Infections  

Safety tips that the knowledgeable ESET Antivirus Support mavens recommend to all the users of the present digital world where uncertainties exist are delineated further. So, go through them and by implementing the same while performing your day to day tasks, create a safer environment for yourself, your family, colleagues, friends, and more.

ESET Technical Support

For staying safe, prevention is vital (necessary). Hence, don’t waste a single minute because it is already too late & just start with the tips that aid in securing yourselves & others.

For abating the chances to become victim to cyber-attacks, you are suggested to:

  • Disable, uninstall, and completely remove the unnecessary applications on your device
  • Be active and stop the useless services you are having in association with your gadget
  • Use trustworthy and robust security software that proffers multi-layer protection
  • Be habitual of ensuring regular backup of all your valuable and vital data
  • Keep the operating system, antivirus, and all other applications updated
  • Execute frequent scanning of networks and devices for detecting flaws. If any weak password is located, strengthen it instantly
  • Limit or completely stop using RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) from external sources. You can also enable NLA (Network Level Authentication)  
  • Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for the employees accessing your company’s systems remotely

                      ESET Support

  • Have a careful look at the firewall settings & ensure closing the non-essential port if any. This is because that port can lead to the entry of infections
  • Be careful about the policies and rules for traffic coming in or going out of the network
  • To prevent the attackers from disabling your security solutions by enabling password protection on its configuration
  • Ensure protecting your backups with at least two-factor authentication. You can also go for multi-factor authentication    
  • Schedule regular training on ‘how to recognize and handle social engineering and cyber-attacks’
  • Allow sharing of important files & folders amongst only the ones who need them
  • Permit the detection of PUSA/PUA (potentially unsafe/ unwanted apps).      

Wrapping Up: Hope, the aforementioned tips will protect you in such a manner that you’ll never fall victim to such hazardous malware attack. Still, if anyhow you get into the malicious trap by ransomware, contact us. Our ESET Support professionals will help you to get rid of the same as instantly as possible.

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