How to Fix ‘Norton Antivirus is not working or not Opening’ Issue?

Installing & using Norton Antivirus in your technical devices is a good idea, as it is one of the best antivirus security programs available in the market that can protect its customer’s system from all types of threats without even compromising the speed and performance of the device. Just now, you thought to check the status of your technical device and therefore have clicked on your Norton Antivirus security but found that ‘your Norton Antivirus is not opening or not working’. Afraid & thinking what to do when the security program that you have installed is not working or not opening? Contact the Norton Customer Support experts as soon as possible because Norton Antivirus not opening or nor working is a very serious technical issue that might occur on your system and can put your entire security at risk. Users should take immediate actions if they face this serious problem. In this article we, the technical customer support experts at PCTECH24 will tell the readers what they should do when their Norton Antivirus is not working or not opening.

Norton Antivirus Support

Norton Antivirus Support

Why Norton Antivirus not working or not opening issue occurs?

Norton Antivirus will not get open on its customer’s system, in case it is not installed or configured properly. Thus, first of all the technical experts recommend the customers to get their Norton Antivirus Security installed by professional & experienced technicians who can configure it properly. Norton Antivirus will also not work if you have any other antivirus software already installed on your systems because both of these antivirus programs will clash with each other and none of them will work appropriately.

Firstly, the users should try to identify the technical issue and cause behind ‘why their Norton Antivirus is not opening or working?’ There might be several reasons that they need to check with their security product.

  • System may be infected with some virus.
  • Users are running outdated Norton Antivirus.

However if the suffering has already been done and Norton Antivirus is not opening or not working on your system, then you should follow the step by step fixing guide as mentioned below. This guidance is provided by the technical customer support professionals of PCTECH24 to help our customers to troubleshoot the issue and get your Norton antivirus working again. Our technical customer support professionals are available 24×7 and offers numerous customer support services in order to provide a complete virus protection.

What our Norton 360 Technical Customer Support Offers?

  • Customer support to offer more information on the usage of this program.
  • Technical customer support for virus detection & removal
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Fix Norton Antivirus Is Not Working or Not Opening Issue

Method 1: Update Norton Antivirus

Follow the steps given below carefully to update your product to its latest version, and if in case you can’t, then we recommend you to contact the Technical Customer Support experts for further assistance.

  • Open Norton Antivirus points to Security
  • Click ‘LiveUpdate’ option.
  • Wait for some time, till the update of the security product finished and then click on “OK”.

Now the Norton Antivirus has its latest virus protection update.

  • Now, restart your technical device, the Norton Antivirus should open smoothly.

Method 2: Use Norton Power Eraser

If the Norton Antivirus not opening or working, then users can go with this method by following the steps given below:

  • First, you need to download Norton Power Eraser tool from official website of Norton Antivirus
  • Double click on the downloaded file, then click ‘Yes’, after carefully reading the agreement.
  • Rest for some time, till the product installed on your system.
  • Open Norton Power Eraser & click on Scan for Risk.
  • Now restart your computer after installing the tool
  • After restarting the system, start your Norton Antivirus.

Hope your issue will be resolved. But if again Norton 360 not opening then proceed with the next method.

Method 3: Reinstall If Norton 360 Not Working

Uninstall & then re-install your Norton antivirus by following the steps given below:

  • Download the Norton Removal Tool from the official website.
  • Double click on downloaded file, then read the license agreement carefully and now click on ‘accept’ option.
  • After that, click on’ remove and reinstall’ option.
  • Select Remove only option, and then click ‘OK’ button.
  • Your system will prompt to restart it now.
  • After restarting the computer, now reinstall the Norton Antivirus.

Method 4: Remove another Installed Antivirus

If any other antivirus is already installed on your computer system, then firstly you have to remove that one.

  • In windows go to control panel and then click ‘Program’.
  • Check if there is any other security software already installed.
  • If found any, then double click on that for uninstalling it.

Now the issue has been resolved and you can open your Norton antivirus.

The customers who have followed the aforementioned troubleshooting methods, will get their Norton Antivirus working perfectly by now, if not then they should call on the Technical Customer Support Phone Number –  +1-888-510-6016 immediately to get in touch with certified & experienced technical customer support professionals. Or you can also use our live chat support service to contact the certified and experienced technical customer support experts of reliable support firm USA techie.

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Contact our technical customer support professionals for instant support services related to this or any other security product Installation, and safeguard your system with the best virus protection. We offer exclusive support services for security software to detect all the viruses in your technical devices. Our Antivirus technical support Phone Number – +1-888-510-6016 is available 24×7 to serve the clients. Call us any time to get our reliable technical customer support services.