How to Protect your Router from VPNFilter Malware?

‘Be careful’ is a strong recommendation that the Trend Micro Support experts & many IT professionals want to convey to the users who own poor router security. This is because such consumers are at high risk of being attacked by cyber threats/ malware trying to access their machines, steal passwords & collect other sensitive information.

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How to Protect your Router from VPNFilter Malware?

Unfortunately, 50% of the people surveyed have not even changed the default login credentials of their router’s administration interface. Moreover, 72% of them have never updated the router firmware. Generating vulnerabilities in such ways, users encounter VPNFilter malware.

Hence, it is recommended to change your router’s admin password along with updating the firmware. For the whole story, read the below blog.

What happened?

Using the VPNFilter malware, cybercriminals have compromised about 500,000 office and home routers along with several other connected devices worldwide. Therefore, the FBI issued an instant call-to-action for each and every home and business owner.

Till now, the cases are different and your router may remain hidden even when you are not attentive towards its protection. But now — there is a need to get changed and be attentive as sooner as possible because the malware is arriving. 

Are you also like others who don’t change your router’s default admin password or update its firmware? Be cautious as the present time really wants you to do so.  

What does the VPNFilter Malware do?

As per the highly-qualified Trend Micro Antivirus Support professionals – this malware can execute a number of nefarious actions. Some of them include:

  • Making router inoperable,
  • Gathering sensitive information,
  • Exploiting your device & network,
  • Blocking the network traffic.

Worse, the VPNFilter Malware does not limit to a specific router such as Netgear, Linksys, MikroTik, TP-Link, or more. Instead, it is known for affecting the routers you get directly from your ISP along with infiltrating the network-attached devices. In simple line – both scope and size of this malware matters a lot.

How to Protect Your Router from VPNFilter Malware?

Are you having a router at your home or office? You should be attentive and take the following precautionary actions that will protect your entire network as soon as possible: 

  • First of all, reboot your router
  • Now, turn the router OFF & wait at least for 10 seconds followed by turning it ON once again
  • Change the default admin password of your router with a unique and strong one
  • If and whenever possible, disable the remote administrative access.

However, if you wish to go out, reset your router to the factory settings. The process will be time taking as you’ll have to implement all the security coverings along with setting up your Wi-Fi once again. This will aid you in reconnecting all your devices with ease.

Conclusion: Going through the above information followed by implementing the safety tips will keep your router safe from the VPNFilter Malware. So, do it now. With it, the Trend Micro Technical Support experts suggest you to carefully check the documentation related to your router. For help in resetting or reconfiguring the router, these certified & experienced professionals can be contacted.