Learn How to ‘Add exceptions for Avira Antivirus’ in just 3 simple steps?

Avira antivirus is one of the most highly awarded security programs in history and has obtained excellent scores in Antivirus– Comparatives performance test.

The decent stuff keeps rolling with the Avira Antivirus security. Our next-generation security shield has an advanced virus engine with improved malware removal – as confirmed by the self-protection test conducted by Antivirus Tests – the best self-defense capabilities of the industry. Together with the strengthened Web Guard and unique self-learning Artificial Intelligence at the core, Avira Antivirus offer complete real-time protection for all of the online activities of its customers. Yes, that means exactly like: if the customers has installed Avira Antivirus on their technical device then they need not to worry anymore while surfing, downloading files, streaming their favorite videos and, of course, while carrying out their online banking and shopping.

Avira Antivirus Support

Avira Antivirus Support

The manufacturers of Avira Antivirus go the extra mile. In addition to protecting the users from all the typical online dangers, Avira Antivirus security also block those irritating Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA) and prevent them from ever being an issue. This means no more unknowingly installing apps users never wanted, no more of those horrible hidden toolbars & a restriction belt on adware that can cripple user’s technical device and even be malicious.


Moreover, if you are worried that all of those Avira Antivirus features will bog your system down, think once again. Most of the real tasks, like evaluating malware, doesn’t actually take place on your technical device: As Avira offers a Protection Cloud for that.

As you can see, Avira has got users covered with new Antivirus features. The best thing is that though Avira has supersized its customers security yet hasn’t done the same with its price. Visit the official website of Avira and convince yourself!

In recent years, Cyber criminals have become more & more smart, but the antivirus industry is fighting back. Regardless the efforts made by the antivirus security providers – after all the user is the one to take decision on ‘if a program or app that he is using is unsafe and should be blocked or not. The ‘Advanced Security’ feature programmed in Avira Antivirus for Windows operating system offers this very option, which allows the user to add exceptions for files they consider safe.

Enabling the ‘Advanced Security’ feature of Avira Antivirus to add exceptions for files is very simple. The Avira Antivirus Technical Customer Support experts of Pctech24 has provided the guidelines (below) on ‘how to Add exceptions for Avira Antivirus’. Hence, those users who want to enable this feature can do the same by following the steps mentioned under:

  1. Go to and click on the small umbrella icon present on the right side of the menu bar.
  2. Once the ‘Professional Security’ window opens, click on ‘Extras’, and further select ‘Configuration’ option.
  3. Another window will pop-up. Go to ‘System Protection’, after that click on ‘Scan’, and then, finally click on ‘Exceptions’ option. Here, you can add the items that you would like to omit when next time you perform a computer scan.

Moreover, if you click on ‘Real-Time Protection’ option then you will be able to add exceptions not only for a particular item, but also for the scanning processes.

After making this alteration in your Avira Antivirus for Windows, you can make Avira security to fit your individual needs. Ensure that you have a complete knowledge about what you’re doing as adding an exception for a potentially harmful program can be risky for your system as well as privacy.

Hope the aforementioned steps and information about Avira Antivirus has helped you. But if you face any type of technical issue or have queries about this security suite then connect with the certified and experienced Avira Support experts of Pctech24. Pctech24 is a reliable support firm that has hired a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable technical professionals in order to achieve the goal of providing instant, 24×7 available and effectual customer support services to the customers. Call us on the toll-free Avira Antivirus Technical Customer Support Phone Number – 1-888-510-6016.

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