What to do If Your IT Member Went Rogue?

We always try our level best to welcome every employee with an environment where he/she can work happily, link with the colleagues comfortably, and thus, does his/her job perfectly. But still, sometimes the IT members become dissatisfied, commit mistakes, and make bad decisions because of which you as an owner have to suspend or even fire them. Though taken unintentionally, this step can lead to big damages to your business.

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 How Your Ex-Employee Can Be Threatening?   

 Are you unable to understand ‘how throwing out a wrong employee can harm your company?’ Actually, as per many surveys by Bitdefender Technical Support mavens – numerous IT companies have been suffering due to the harms made by the employees they have dismissed. What’s the case? Firing an IT member or a higher-level employee having access to security credentials of the company can be hazardous to the entire business. With the important access and knowledge, he/she can misuse the vital credentials so as to do the irreparable damages to the firm’s financial assets and reputation.              

 Cyber-attacks that come from inside are really unexpected and can possess great losses, hence, it is better to be prepared for such situations. The foremost thing you have to consider doing in order to handle this type of cybercrimes is staying calm and comprehend the case. If you sense any danger, be active and figure out who is going to be harmed. Once you have the idea, not just alert the individual but take access to all the communication methods. Think that all communication methods your firm has been using currently are compromised. After that, proceed by using a clean gadget for the practice of solving the glitches with ease and safety. As soon as you get the clean devices, you have to start with the task to set up a fresh and safe environment that keep the critical data of your company protected.


Few Steps That Help in Maintaining Your Company’s Safety   

 Tested by our Bitdefender Antivirus Support professionals, the below steps will aid you in attaining your company’s success by keeping it away from the cyber-attacks.  

  • Set up A Safe Wi-Fi Network/Environment: All of us know that our passwords need to be changed periodically. Whenever creating and setting the new password, ensure using 2FA (two-factor authentication) along with locking your login. Additionally, when it comes to set up a new network or device, avoid linking them to existing accounts – be it email or any other account. Make sure that all the belongings are new.


  • Backup Data: Be vigilant and keep the backup of all the contacts, calendar, and other important data existing on your old computer, phone, and even email accounts. Don’t forget that having a backup of tapes, drives, and/or cloud accounts are also important & secure your information from being destroyed or overwritten


  • Maintain the Domain Control: Contact the domain registrar and ensure that the legal ownership in association to your domain is still with your company. Configure the domain name, websites and all emails related to your business properly. If not configured in a proper manner, the elements will stop functioning as expected and worst – can redirect to your competitor.  


  • Contact Vendors: It is recommended that for products and services that are outsourced like web hosting, web development or backing up the data, contact vendors. Ask them to restore the complete back up onto a clean server or account.


Apart from the aforementioned steps to ensure the safety of your company’s data, there are some other factors that should also be considered. You must alert your employees and take away all the passwords and other credentials from the fired employee before he/she leaves.     


Conclusion: To get additional statistics on ‘how to deal with the impacts of cyber-attacks by an existing or ex-employee’, contact our Bitdefender Customer Support professionals. They will provide you with the satisfactory guidelines on ‘what steps you should take to reduce the damages from these attacks.’ With it, they’ll teach ‘how to regain access to your devices and prevent future outbreaks’.

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