Why there’s a need to upgrade your system to Windows 10?

Still sticking with older versions of Windows? It may be some kind of application that is preventing you from moving to the newer OS. Well! It’s not your fault. 

Actually, even the older versions like Windows 7, Windows 8, and more are awesome. Featured with great applications and programs, they have been offering a good user experience. 

But, are you unaware of the fact that most of the times, the updates proved to bring better features. Familiar but still not able to make the decision about upgrading your system to Windows 10? Don’t worry, the below reasons provided by our Windows 10 Technical Support experts will aid you in making the correct decision. 

Reasons to Upgrade your System to Windows 10 

1.Secure Web Browsing: The more robust Windows Defender in Windows 10 will allow you to browse the web safely. It won’t let the infections to damage your PC or network even if anyhow (unintentionally or unknowingly) you visit a malevolent website. This is because the application is confined within your machine.    

2.Better Performance: Devices with Windows 10 are founded to perform better than those running on older versions. Better by ensuring faster boot up, uninterrupted and speedy performance, smoother conversions from one app to another. So, if you want to continue with your older hardware for the next few years (means wish to increase its life), upgrading it to Windows 10 is the best way.          

3.Virtual Desktops: Including various virtual desktops, Windows 10 will permit you to spread your wings as one who is multitasking. Moreover, the improved task switcher will aid in viewing all the things you have opened at the same time.       

4.Keep Contacts on Taskbar: ‘My People’ feature of this operating system will allow you to pin your frequently used contacts on the taskbar in form of shortcut icons. Once you pin up the contacts (up to 10 people), you can easily email or begin a video call with the person just by clicking on the icon displaying him/her.     

5.Monitors Significant Updates: Abbreviated as UUP, Unified Update Platform is a feature available in Windows 10 update tool. It has been designed to identify every new change to this OS. Furthermore, it has the ability to isolate & download just those updates that your PC needs. This, in turn, prevents your computer from downloading the unwanted packages.     

6.Sync Work: Windows 10 Supports a ‘Timeline’ feature. It benefits you by saving “snapshots” of applications you use. These snapshots will aid you in continuing your work from the exact same point where you left just by opening the taskbar and clicking on the ‘Task View’ option. 

7.Configure the business’s PC at A Faster Rate: Windows 10’s ‘Autopilot feature’ assists you in setting up the system configurations. It means whenever a new PC (yours or employee) connect to your business network, it’ll automatically configure to the office’s required settings. In short – this feature aids to configure, manage, and/ or reset your business’s PC in a faster, easier, and safer manner.       

8.Better battery facilities: Promising to offer gentler experience to batteries of laptops and tablets, Windows 10 allows the users to work for a longer period. Moreover, when the battery falls below 20 %, it automatically enters into the battery saver mode thus, increasing the time for which the PC can run.

Conclusion: So, these were the genuine reasons that offer a clear answer for ‘why you should upgrade to Windows 10’. For more reasons or help to fix any tech error with this OS, contact our Windows 10 Customer Support experts.      

Author’s Bio: The dedicated writer of this article owns a keen interest in providing info on several tech updates, applications, & more. With it, being an experienced technician, the blogger is expert in providing Windows 10 Support Services for fixation of any tech error.